Wesleyan Accent - Following Jesus in the Company of the Wesleys

Wesleyan Accent

Following Jesus in the Company of the Wesleys


Tom Fuerst ~ The Curse of Wisdom

Wisdom is not just an intelligence bomb that God drops on us one day when we get our first gray hair. It’s not an intellectual realization that hits us one day simply because we’re aged. We’ve all known older folks who are foolish. No, wisdom has less to do with gray hair and more to do with the experience of suffering and making the choice during that suffering to continue to live in engagement with God

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Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ You Are Called to Boldness: Nowhere to Hide

Being with Jesus means that you cannot hide behind a certain comfortable ideological system. Being with Jesus means that you will believe certain things, live certain ways, to be sure. But to walk with Jesus is to confound those who attempt to pigeonhole you. You can't be owned, you can't be bought, you can't be predicted, because you will give away anything that detracts you from Christ and you will take on anything that Christ asks you to.

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Omar Rikabi ~ He Had a Name

The first name given in creation was Adam. It means humanity. The Scripture story tells us that God, through Jesus Christ, created all of humanity in his image and breathed into us the breath of life. I thought of Adam when I saw the first hashtag given to Aylan’s story: Humanity Washed Ashore.

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Aaron Perry ~ Metaphor and Love

Love is the summary of the law. Love contains all components of the law. If you want to love, put all these things together. If you want to love, it means not having gods ahead of the true God and honoring your father and mother and not bearing false testimony and not coveting, etc. These commands do not boil down to love; they add up to love.

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