Wesleyan Accent | Following Jesus in the Company of the Wesleys

Wesleyan Accent

Following Jesus in the Company of the Wesleys


Matt Sigler ~ Let Us Join Our Friends Above: Reclaiming a Robust Vision of the Communion of Saints in Worship

"From very early on Christians buried their dead near their places of worship. Where others placed their dead outside of cities and avoided such sites, Christians often celebrated the anniversaries of the death of their martyrs with the Lord’s Supper. Oftentimes this celebration was held at the place where the martyr was buried. Soon, many churches included the bones of the martyrs within the church building. Since death was not the final word about our bodily existence, it didn’t need to be something fearful. Christians understood that to be absent from the body was to be present with the Lord and there was no place where the Lord was more present than in the community gathered for worship. The understanding was that in Christ all are one."

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Tammie Grimm ~ Divergent: Discerning Dystopia

"Dystopian young adult fiction is not my preferred genre for leisure reading. For one thing, a novel set in a stark world in which humanity is regularly repressed and coerced is a sure prescription for disturbed sleep! However, having recently committed to helping a middle-schooler with a literature project, I’ve fallen headlong into Victoria Roth’s "Divergent" trilogy. I’ve grown a little more understanding of why this genre has captivated the imaginations of today’s young adults. Rather than diagnose the sociological factors contributing to the proliferation of this genre, I offer these observations from the perspective of one whose reading includes the writings of John Wesley..."

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Danny Morris ~ Stepping Stones of Spiritual Growth

"I searched for a way to study Christian spirituality during my three-month sabbatical. I didn’t want to go back to seminary, but I was eager to kick out of my self-made cage of religious provincialism. So where would I find a meaty refresher course in prayer and spirituality?"

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Maxie Dunnam ~ Recovering Our First Language

"We have a whole new technological vocabulary. In this kind of technological world, and a world lost in moral and ethical relativism, language may be more important than ever. As Christians, and especially as those whose primary vocation is to communicate the Gospel, we need to pay attention to our 'first language.'”

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Scott Pattison ~ Back to the Future: Tightening Our Grip on What Matters

"The synergy of being reflective and knowing what one believes, understanding the experience of faith and discipleship, and living out the practices that help one grow as a disciple is a Wesleyan Methodist distinctive. There is always the challenge that one will wistfully recall the past heritage, but not make those very elements a part of one’s present spiritual life."

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DOMENICO FETTI-XX-The sacrifice of elijah before the priests of Baal

Talbot Davis ~ Lost Religion

"When God feels distant and you’re losing your religion, something else is going on. He’s like the sun. When it gets dark, that’s because the earth turns, not because anything happened with the sun, and it's the same with God. We lose our religion when we turn, not when he does, and when we turn, our hands get busy making our own gods. The same gods who invariably, inevitably disappoint..."

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