Wesleyan Accent - Following Jesus in the Company of the Wesleys

Wesleyan Accent

Following Jesus in the Company of the Wesleys


MJ Kirby ~ Rewriting the Story

So, why do we make this annual trek to mark Jeremy's birth, death, Christmas, Easter and other special occasions? I guess somehow in the ritual of the rhythm of returning to the grave we find comfort as we remember. We seek closure. We find consistency. We seek to make sense out of a situation that otherwise makes little to no sense.

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Claire Matheny ~ Bonus Material

But here at the site of the empty tomb is our leap beyond lip service. When we take up the mantle from Mary and open our mouth to the truth. There is something bursting below the surface. A little seed of germination. This is Easter...we are the outliers who believe that despite all the impossibility of being raised from death that our God did just that.

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Michael Smith ~ Staring into Loss

Now that light has dawned, one cannot simply stand and look at a symbol of defeat and the past. New life has broken in and we are not allowed to just look; we are invited and commissioned to go and tell.

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Matt Douglass ~ Why Animals Need Heaven: God’s Love and the Problem of Animal Suffering

It seems, then, that God would not want anything bad to happen in the world, and he certainly has the power to stop them from happening. Yet bad things—unimaginably horrific things—happen every day. Over many centuries, philosophers and theologians have attempted to solve this problem by explaining why God would choose to create a world like ours, where humans and animals frequently endure physical pain and emotional anguish.

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Andy Stoddard ~ Don’t Be Scared

But I do know this. In the midst of uncertainty and danger and fear, they chose not to give into the fear. They chose to do the right thing, even when they were afraid. They chose to trust that God had a plan, even in the midst of human brokenness.

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Maxie Dunnam ~ Ministering Angels

The promise is not that we would be safe but that we would be faithful. The angel of God does not always spare us from tragedy or troubles, but enables us to look at tragedy troubles through different eyes.

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Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ In Awe of the Resurrection

I’m shaking again, my knees are weak because I don’t know what I’m seeing – lightning with hands and feet? A thousand stars looking at me, blinking? I’m shaking all over, and then the light begins to speak, and it sounds like the voice is coming from the night sky, from the farthest stars, and from right next to me, at the same time.

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