Wesleyan Accent | Following Jesus in the Company of the Wesleys

Wesleyan Accent

Following Jesus in the Company of the Wesleys


Scott Pattison ~ Back to the Future: Tightening Our Grip on What Matters

"The synergy of being reflective and knowing what one believes, understanding the experience of faith and discipleship, and living out the practices that help one grow as a disciple is a Wesleyan Methodist distinctive. There is always the challenge that one will wistfully recall the past heritage, but not make those very elements a part of one’s present spiritual life."

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DOMENICO FETTI-XX-The sacrifice of elijah before the priests of Baal

Talbot Davis ~ Lost Religion

"When God feels distant and you’re losing your religion, something else is going on. He’s like the sun. When it gets dark, that’s because the earth turns, not because anything happened with the sun, and it's the same with God. We lose our religion when we turn, not when he does, and when we turn, our hands get busy making our own gods. The same gods who invariably, inevitably disappoint..."

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Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ Aging & Keeping Covenant

"Sometimes we do not prepare ourselves for aging; we are uncomfortable, perhaps, thinking about the unknown, or fearing it. We fear a picture of aging that we paint for ourselves in which we look unrecognizable in the mirror, face an obsolete existence and are marginalized from the “real action” of living. But that great inspirer of John Wesley, Bishop Jeremy Taylor, counsels us: “let us prepare our minds against changes, always expecting them, that we be not surprised when they come.” Curiously, this excellent advice comes in the middle of his discussion on contentedness. "

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Harley Scalf ~ Grace and an Empty Pop Bottle

"The grace of redemption can come upon us all at once like a crashing wave. It can reveal itself over a season of life similar to how the autumn leaves move from green to vivid orange, red, and yellow. It can even be relentless in how it floods our souls over and over again."

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Jerry Walls ~ God’s Love and Predestination

"Now some Calvinists clearly understand the logic of their position, and do not shrink from this implication. Classic Calvinist theologian Arthur W. Pink wrote: 'when we say God is sovereign in the exercise of His love, we mean that He loves whom He chooses. God does not love everybody.'”

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Carolyn Moore ~ Too Light a Thing

"What to do, then, when there is nothing to be done? I stood there, helpless in the face of such poverty, and wondered: as a follower of Jesus, what is my responsibility to this woman who seems to have been forgotten by the world? Do I demand justice? Throw her over my shoulder and haul her out of there? Or helplessly move on?"

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Michael Smith ~ The Fairest of the Seasons

Each season has its ebb and flow, its ups and downs. Why is it, then, that we are still wrapping our minds around change management and leading change within local congregations? Think of change like you think of the seasons.

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