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Wesleyan Accent

Following Jesus in the Company of the Wesleys


Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ The Great We-Give-Thanks

"Sounding out a Greek word instantly flipped my faith upside-down. I hadn't known about the long use of the phrase 'The Great Thanksgiving,' or the liturgical history of 'Word and Table.' 'To give thanks' irrevocably changed my perception of the Eucharist."

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Emily Walls ~ Why So Taboo? Opening Up About My Miscarriage

"I didn’t know what to expect with miscarriage. Many people who are close to me have gone through it themselves, but I still didn’t imagine it right, back when it was part of Imagination Land. I thought it would be sad. I thought a person would mourn and move on. Maybe I didn’t know what the mourning would be like."

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Talbot Davis ~ Lost Trust

"Every time you think you’re the only honest person left, every time you think there are no good men or no good women left, God who is the One and Only whispers back: You’re NOT the only one. The One And Only has the ideal number of people to surround you, to advise you, to walk alongside you, to make you realize that there are a lot more trustworthy people than you realize because God is at work in every life on the planet!"

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Danny Morris ~ Corporate Spiritual Discernment

"Our use of consensus would not be a litmus test, nor a safeguard, nor an effort to prove something. It would be a spiritual ingredient of our relationship. We would be committed to hear each other, learn from each other, and bring forth the best in each other. Consensus would not mean that the many would hold out, or gang up on a few until they abandoned their position, or came around to what a majority wanted to do. It meant that God's will was so important to each person that nothing else mattered."

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Christine Johnson ~ Take Up Your Cross

"Bearing a cross is humbly accepting difficult circumstances over which we have no control. Taking up a cross is embracing the will of God and choosing that which is painful when we could do otherwise. It is voluntarily suffering that which we find distasteful because to do so will further us along the path toward Christ. It is doing the good we know to be right and true, not only when it is convenient, but when we find it most inopportune."

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Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ The Bread Line at the End of Your Rope

"This Thanksgiving and Christmas, we need food pantries and nonprofit organizations, churches and kind social workers, homeless shelters and business donations, we need Good Samaritan funds and people who order a coffee in the drive-thru for the guy with the sign at the intersection. The Church is really good at putting programming in place. Only when you're at the end of your rope, it's not always programming that you need. In fact, programming can be a tool to distance ourselves from uncomfortable need."

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Danny Morris ~ How God Communicates

"To discern God's will, two basic understandings must be fixed in one's prayer life and personal theology: first, God is good! If you don't hold that basic conviction, why would you want to know God's will? Second, communication with God is possible."

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