Wesleyan Accent

Following Jesus in the Company of the Wesleys


Kimberly Reisman ~ Clay Footed and Spirit-filled

These kinds of moments have come and gone in my ministry, and more are sure to unfold; as they do I need to ask myself, how am I treading? Lightly? With grace? Out in the open? Is it about me? Or am I the errand runner for the Spirit I need to be? Sadly for me, as my ministry moves forward, people are destined to discover my clay feet - if they haven't already. I can only pray that others won't miss the brightness because they are looking only at me.

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Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett ~ Cultivate: New in Christ – Luke 13:6-9

Here is the part that has surprised me. Guess where God has led me to start with this cultivation for renewal in our church and world? Not where I would like to begin. I wish it began with those persons who get on my nerves. (Most of us have a few such persons in our lives - just as we are usually that in the lives of one or two others!) But I have come to realize that cultivation for renewal does not start with “them.” It begins with me. Cultivation for renewal starts with you and me.

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Matthew Sigler ~ Knowing What We Have: A Look at the Methodist Liturgical Heritage

If it is true that many are gravitating to more historically resonant forms of worship, Methodists should know the resources within their own liturgical history...The forms of Methodist worship, when embraced with “heart, mind, soul and strength,” allow for reverent spontaneity and holy emotion. The use of liturgical forms, for Wesley, actually led to freedom in worship—a fact quickly lost on his American descendants.

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Harley Scalf ~ The Dry Ground

Are you with us or against us? That's a question/decision I feel I face nearly every day. I'm tired of choosing sides. Choosing a side moves me either left or right. I, for one, want to move forward on dry ground. It worked for God's people long ago. Surely, it can work again.

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Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ Imagining Glory

Imagining glory keeps us human. To glimpse glory is to receive grace, the kind that results in plain, sunburned lips uttering “truly this was the Son of God!” To glimpse glory is to receive grace, the kind that cauterizes and compels.

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