Wesleyan Accent | Following Jesus in the Company of the Wesleys

Wesleyan Accent

Following Jesus in the Company of the Wesleys


Maxie Dunnam ~ A Way Forward

We have to be explicit in carefully defining our covenant, because living in covenant defines our relationship. Those willing to live in the covenant, in a Wesleyan faith and way, can share in what we pray will become a world movement of revival and renewal.

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Timothy Tennent ~ Help Is On the Way: A New Wesleyan Network in a Post-Denominational World

Let me also remind us that the Wesleyan movement is a global reality, well beyond United Methodism, comprising many movements and denominations and tens of millions of people. This is an, “If your heart is as our heart, give us your hand,” invitation; a call for the historically orthodox Wesleyans of the World to join in covenant relationship. Be clear, this is neither a call for schism or structure but for solidarity in our shared and treasured way of faith and mission.

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Ken Loyer ~ Celebrating Christ’s Presence with Us

It has been said that the dinner table—that place where we eat, talk, and share life together with others—is an extension of the Eucharist. For you and your family, what has been the significance of feasting at family gatherings? How does the act of eating together promote fellowship and community? How is that also true for us all in the Lord’s Supper?

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Elizabeth Glass Turner ~ Lent Madness: Why You Should Exercise (Faith) Publicly

This guy looked like a veteran - like the kind of person who built and tested strength as if there were something in life at which he was determined to fight back. And when you show up to church in the midst of unemployment or you host Bible study in the small apartment you moved into after foreclosure or you volunteer at the nursing home after taking care of sick kids, friend, you exercise faith in front of those around you, and they learn from it, and they find strength to keep going from it.

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Claire Matheny ~ Not So Fast: Lenten Wineskins

Jesus’ love is cast to even those who would hate. The tie that binds customer and coworker, binds us at the common meal and common table. There is no punch clock, only our capable hands designed to serve bread to everyone.

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Jack Jackson ~ Wesley’s 5:2 Fast

For Wesley, the purpose of fasting was not to lose weight or to be more physically healthy. Wesley believed fasting was crucial for the spiritual health of Jesus' disciples.

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